Who We Are

God has placed New Heights Christian Church in the diverse community of North County, St. Louis. In all that we do, we seek to share the love of Jesus Christ with those around us.

Connect, Grow, Serve

We strive to make disciples of Jesus Christ by helping them Connect to the Church body, helping them Grow in their relationship with the Lord, and encouraging them to Serve both in the Church and in the community. All three of these elements are present both in our Sunday Services and our Home Groups.


Making Disciples of Jesus Christ


Communities Filled with Healthy Home Groups


New Heights Christian Church is affiliated with the “Christian Churches and Churches of Christ”, which is a network of churches that share common values and beliefs, but function independently. In other words, we do not report to any official denominational structure or hierarchy.

New Heights Christian Church functions under the oversight and care of a group of elders, or pastors, who are spiritually mature members of the local church, as exemplified in Acts 14:23.


  • Prayer – The power and need for persistent Prayer
  • Bible – The importance and authority of Scripture
  • Giving – Spiritually and materially of our energy and financial resources
  • Serving – Everyone has a gift, and a healthy church respects and utilizes the talents and gifts of all its members
  • The Body of Christ – We are all an important part of a larger body of believers
  • Home Groups – Commitment to a healthy, multiplying community, where our values are best expressed and explored